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Ego Akokwalam

Ababa Nna - Topic

Owerri Bongo Ego Amaka and Onye Iro jere Abroad Hit track by Ababanna.

Engineer Canice Amadi

King Ababanna V.C Medley Part 2

Wyld Pytch/51 Lex Records

Ndi Ababa Nna

Ababa Nna - Topic

ABABANNA- EGO; EZINNE Latest 2015 Nigerian

9ja TV

Okwe Agbala Medley

King Ababa Nna - Topic

Ababa Nna - Bongo Stars - Latest 2016 Nigerian Bongo Stars


Agbaso - Ejim Akwu Ose Ababanna Vol.2


ababanna- okwe agbala. latest Nigerian

9ja TV

King Ababanna V.C - Ndi Merem Zo

Wyld Pytch/51 Lex Records