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The Great Download - Bishop T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes

Let it go - TD Jakes


Bishop T.D. Jakes Motivation That Will Change Your Life!

Evan Carmichael

Bigger Than You Think - Bishop T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes

Living With Fear & Walking By Faith - Bishop T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes

The Storm Is Over: Bishop T.D. Jakes & The Potter's House Mass Choir

Mark's Gospel Faves

TD Jakes Release Your Power

Artwell Gumede

Let it go ~TD Jakes. narrator Wilson B Nkosi


T.D Jakes- What A Mighty God We Serve Hosanna!


T.D. Jakes - Defying the Urge to Quit Part 1

T.D. Jakes